Authentic Vintage Travel Posters from 1940s and 1950s
found in the back of a closet.
They have been restored and linen backed.


Pan American - HAVANA
A real find, a Havana, Cuba,
pre-Castro era, poster by Mendoza.
This oversize poster, was in very poor condition when found
but has been restored and linen backed. The colors are that bright.
A near perfect poster sold recently for over $3,500.00.

$2,000.00 + shipping & insurance

Call: 281-373-9304 for more information

BOAC Caribbean

Fly In The Caribbean - BOAC
In Association with British West Indian Airways
Original travel poster. Very good condition, linen backed



Michoacan, Garden of Mexico
Los Viejitos Dancers

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Last Update: 2 December, 2017